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Airi is a Japanese software that tells the weather and also sing and does voice synthesis just like Vocaloid.

I can’t find much information other than people thought that she is somewhat another character for Vocaloid but turns out she’s not. Here’s a video of her singing and dancing that will soothe your heart.

【ウェザーロイドAiri】 シティライツ 【MMDPV】

She apparently came out with a “” video , tells the weather , acts cute and sings. I honestly have no idea why they need to create this. Perhaps human girl are not good enough for telling weather in Japan.

As for me I don’t really care if it’s a guy or a women that tells the weather as long as the weather is clear.

This model were made by the same person that creates Shibuya Rin papercraft, S.V .

The information here might be incorrect, I am not responsible for any incorrect information on Airi. Please do your own research.

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