Super Deform King

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Difficulty :

From the file name it says that this character is named King Chee Woo Cheon and made by CreamBread.

Since model is made by a Korean paper craft designer, the name Chee Woo Cheon might be incorrect since it was translated by Google from Chinese characters. I’ve been searching for its anime or game and the closest character I could find is a Korean TV series called Jeon Woo-Chi.

Makes sense right? Jeon Woo Chi – Chi Woo Jeon – Chee Woo Cheon.

Ok enough of my nonsense logic. I thought this robot model might be from Super Robot Wars or Little Battlers Experience and I didn’t find anything similar. Maybe I didn’t search deep enough or this could be an original model by CreamBread himself.

Do tell me if you knew what game/anime is this from.

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