Alice Madness Returns Vorpal Blade Papercraft

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The Vorpal Blade is Alice’s primary and most iconic weapon in American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. It is also the first weapon Alice gains possession of in both video games, and the only weapon to appear in both titles.

Alice Madness Returns Vorpal Blade game papercraft comes in 2 types of PDO, lines, no lines and a stand to exhibit your knife gallantly. Alice Madness Returns Vorpal Blade game papercraft requires only 2 sheets of paper and designed by JouzuMania. It’s is scaled as 1:1 suitable for cosplaying

Hey wonder if this is really true but I just found out that knife can be count as gadget. Internet might be trolling me but I kind of think it might fit in there. I bought the first version of Alice pc game back when I was in High School and I didn’t know it was a horror-themed game.

I remeber playing it before and it had that eerie feeling… but I quit playing it minutes after because my pc weren’t made for playing games back then.