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ANONYMOUS Mask template

Difficulty :

Anonymous mask papercraft is known throughout the world as a revolution mask. It originated from Guy Fawkes, a prominent member of Gunpowder Plot that tries to blow up House of Lords in 1605.

The mask is made even more popular by a movie called V for Vendetta and was used by a hacktivist group on internet known as Anonymous . It is also used as an anti-government mask around the world.

Since Halloween is coming soon I thought this would be the right mask to upload in MYP. I know some of you have been requesting for a similar version of mask from Assassin’s Creed series well I haven’t found that yet so I hope this one will do for now.

The mask is uploaded by dhal021 from deviantart. To be honest I think it’s a scary mask especially when you look at it at night.

Follow our guide on how to strengthen the mask so that the papercraft last longer.

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