Strike Witches Bunny Lynette Bishop Papercraft

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This is another model from Rahamu, an adult version of Lynette Bishop from Strike Witches anime series.

Her model look simple but there is a few parts that requires delicate touch. For example her hair is braided, means you will need to braid her paper hair! and as usual everyone favorite hated part, the fingers.

Her fingers in my opinion are one of the hardest needed to build. Lastly, her legs.. her sexy legs is among the hardest part to build.

To be honest this model doesn’t look so much like Lynette, as she doesn’t wear her glasses. If you watch or read the series you should know that Lynette is Yoshika roommate and she does a lot of skin-ship fan service in the anime.

In Lynette’s profile it is said that she went to an all girls school and prone to Yuriness *wink*. Also she is a rich clumsy type megane girl. Megane fans enjoice!

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