Strike Witches Perrine H. Clostermann Papercraft

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Perrine H. Clostermann is the ojou-sama rich girl in Strike Witches that refuses to accept Yoshika as their new team-mate.

If you watch the anime then you know why, it’s because she idolize their squad leader Sakamoto Mio and dislike that Mio is giving Yoshika her full attention.

In case you haven’t figured out , yes Strike Witches has a slight yuri element in it which is the reason why I went and watched it. Although I’m not recommending it to any yuri fans out there, the whole storyline is somewhat dull.

What we see here is Perrine wearing a bunny suit, I can’t tell for sure if she did wore this outfit somewhere in manga or in their movie but I haven’t seen her wearing one in the anime series.

The model is made by Japanese pepakura designer – Rahamu. If you happen to search Plamoya, they are doing sales for Perrine’s figure model and Bushiroad products right now.

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