Dallas Sin Creed’s Ship Showcase

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Last week I posted Assassins Creed Jackdaw Ship Papercraft and today Dallas M. Pierce from Pierce Papercraft shared us his finished model of the ship.

Dallas took about 2 hours and 45 minutes to build this ship, that’s amazingly fast! I’m sure if it’s me it’ll take days to finish.

Here a bit of what Dallas had to say ;

“The ship wasn’t my first papercraft, I’ve built 24 others but I’ve never built a structure if any type. This was so much even though it took me two times to get the body right and since there’s not as much detail as the instruction pages show, I’m really glad to have been able to add the “ropes”.

I’m pleased with the short amount of time it took to build also. I’m glad I didn’t have spend days in it. Since I’ve built this, I’m thinking of doing more like these. Get away from the people.”

Yes I absolutely agree you must get away from people. There are nothing but bad people out there, no one can be trusted. Trust No One… lol 😛 No honestly I too keep finding reason to not meet anyone these days. I prefer doing my work in my room so I wholly understand your point. Thank you Dallas for sharing your Jackdaw with us.

To others that would like to share your models please take your model photo with a piece of paper with your nickname and preferable mypapercraft.net too and submit to us by FB or by e-mail admin [at] mypapercraft dot net .

Download Jackdaw Black Flag Ship