Cheng’s Sao Family

Previously Cheng made Kirito and Yui model and now he had finished Asuna and remake Yui to be smaller.

Read what Cheng’s has to say about it .

So far, these models are not so difficult since it is already the 5th and 6th figures I made. The most difficult part is the hand(palm and fingers) and the head part.For example, the Asuna head I used is from another Asuna models.

Because the original head part is too complex even if join together it will have lines on the face and made it looks horrible. So for my opinion, the face part should be as simple as possible, like the Chibis one is the best. What I most “hate” to do is the hair part, somehow it is not my specialty.

As for the finger part,they are very small and requires a lot of effort. What I gained from experience is the body part must do last, join the head and shoulder(arm) first before finish the body.

I think I took 1 week for Kirito, 2 week for Asuna, and 5 days for Yui. The Asuna took more time because my house don’t have colour printer, so I must go out to print since I haven’t finish taking my driving license, I seldom have chances to go out, and because I use head from different model, I need to adjust the scale, this took even more time. Now I currently free because I’m now waiting for university May intake. And when I do paper craft, I can do it a whole day XD