Eren Yaeger by Kurtz

Mr. Kurtz has been bugging me since forever. Every time he sees me he kept asking for mikasa, kirito and all the cutest chibi I had. Nothing other than chibis is on his mind.

Today, well actually yesterday.. he shared with us his model of Chibi Eren Yeager designed by O-Break. Which look very nice and unexpected really, you did really great Kurtz. Thumbs up ! and thanks for sharing with us your finish model.

Kurtz is the second person to share with us his Eren model, now left 28 more people need to show us their finished model and I will release another 2 of Eren face plate.

To share, just take a picture of Eren with your nickname written on a paper to show that you are the one who made it and post it on our fb page or email us at admin [at] .