Scared Eren by Guady

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Difficulty :

Right after we shared the 2nd version of Eren faceplate, Guady Rukia Miranda immediately sent us a finish version of hers

According to her this scary face of Eren is cuter than his normal expression. I agree, anything that makes Eren in a pitiful situation is a better look for him. Honestly Eren is just a sideshow in Shingeki, the real hero is Levi and Mikasa.

Long live Levi x Mikasa !! Super imba powered characters should be together.

Anyway I tried to get some more information from Guady but she weren’t online, she posted this picture few days ago but I was busy with another work. Sorry about that Guady

If you like Guady would like to showcase your finished model on MYP, do post it on our FB page. Remember to have a written paper alongside your picture with your name/nickname and .

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