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This chibi Yoshino from Date A Live light novel, game and anime was requested by Bagvz from Indonesia. He requested a while ago, I think around earlier 2014 but I hadn’t had much monies then.

Yoshina is a kind girl/child, she was nice towards everyone.. enemy and friends alike. Shido or whatever the hero name is decided to save Yoshino from herself since she was a danger to herself? and from the AST.

As you read previously I bought this scale paper model from China, I asked a friend that is currently studying in Taiwan to buy it for me. I would really appreciate if you guys to not spread it elsewhere. Please keep the file hosted here on MYP only.

If you guys be kind to me then I’ll return the kindness back. Also as someone said in FB, I guess you can count this as an early gift towards the end of the year. *hint hint*

Yoshino scale model kit comes with 3 faceplate and 10 pieces of paper is required. Model folded by bubupaper

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