Sky Destroyer Gundam Paper Model

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Sky Destroyer gundam craft kits here is an original model made by Onepiece.

Onepiece is one of a known Korean/Thai paper craft designer and he usually only makes gundam-like model. This one here is based on a custom model of Hi-NU called MG 1/100 Proto-type Hi-Nu Gundam Destroyer Modeled by Kouichi.

I think it also adds a little bit of Gundam Rezel elements in there.

Now as for the scale model templates files.. They were quite big. Around 80MB in size that I had to split them into 8 parts. At first I thought to resize the templates to make the file size smaller, but decided not to since each of the files are not in same height and width.

What you need to do is download all parts from 1 to 8 but only extract part 1. You need all parts to extract the files into a single object.

Last time there was a reader that didn’t understand this and thought different parts are different files. Please understand what I explained above before attacking me. Thanks