Citrus Aihara Mei Paper craft

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Aihara Mei is the younger step sister in Citrus anime and manga.

She is also the lover of Aihara Yuzu. Mei is a serious but love-able character who has problem sharing out her thoughts.

She is determined to replace her father as the heir of their Campus chairman.

Despite all her troubles, she find solace in Yuzu besides their “siblings” interaction.

How do I know all this? I followed the Manga of course and I am one of those fans that’s super sad the manga is ending its series this month.

I’m not sure how the anime ended cause I didn’t watch it yet, but I’m sure manga’s ending would be a happy one.

Anyway regarding S.V papercrafts, in order to request other special model from S.V he requested that everyone must build Phosphophyllite first. That would include Mei too.

On the other hand, If you want to build Yuzu here she is : Aihara Yuzu Paper craft