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Kousaka Reina is one of the main characters in Hibike! Euphonium anime / light novel series.

She and Kumiko ended up in bad terms during middle school but became good friends in Kitouji High School brass band.

Reina is serious about her music and she has a crush on the band conductor. Reina at first has a hard to please or get to known attitude but opens up after getting much closer with Kumiko.

Have you watch the Hibike! Euphonium anime? if you haven’t I suggest you to watch it at any free streaming anime sites as it’s worth it!

kosaka - Kousaka Reina Paper craft

Anyway regarding S.V papercrafts, in order to request other special model from S.V he requested that everyone must build Phosphophyllite first. That would include Reina too.

Kousaka Reina paper craft here is made by S.V and he/she doesn’t open this paper craft model to public. However if you email S.V and request for the template nicely, S.V might give it to you.

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edited : unfortunately S.V has closed the distribution for this model.