Wuyen’s Eren

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Wuyen is the first person to send me his finish Eren this month. At first I mistook that he sent me Captain Levi … So I went and told him/her that I couldn’t make it a featured picture since the pics he sent me doesn’t show his full body.

Silly me. I couldn’t differentiate Eren and Levi anymoar 🙁

Joke aside. I ask Wuyen to give me some information on the usual stuff about how he/she made this , time it took but he/she didn’t reply me. So you guys have to bear me do random rambling. Sorry..

Eren is the main character from Shingeki No Kyojin’s anime. Myp released 2 of his chibi model for download, 1 is the base file and the other is his face template.

Download Eren Templates