Papercraft Equipment

What do you need to start papercrafting ?

You don’t need fancy stuff to start making paper model. Papercraft is like its name, paper and the usual ingredients – scissor , glue , ruler,knife and a card box or a sturdy table where you don’t mind cutting things on it.

cutting mat
If you have more money to spend then get yourself a cutting mat as it’ll be useful in aligning paper during cutting.

Glue, what type of glue? The one I use is called UHU glue. Usually it is used for gluing plastic or metal things. Can be used on paper too.. I think any glue that state permanent, transparent is suitable for making paper models.

The usual question is what type of paper do you use for making paper model? I use a 180gsm no brand paper. It’s still not strong enough but it’s better than normal paper. Recommended to use 180gsm paper above , matte or glossy .

It also depends on what type of model are you making. Some paper model needs to be on matte paper, some need glossy paper. So check the requirement for that paper model first before buying rolls of paper.

I personally bought a CISS for my printer as it is known to save 90% less ink than official canon/hp/lexmark cartridges. Just make sure you didn’t buy a cheap CISS system as I did. Mine was so cheap that I had trouble with the wiring and the ink just won’t flow.

If you’re rich go with color laser printer.

There’s one globally known rule which is not to use sellotape. At least not where we can see it upfront because our main ingredients is just glue and glue and glue.

That’s all that you need to start making pepakura 🙂