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About 30 minutes ago, as I was in the midst of composing a lengthy post for myPapercraft, I received an email from Jaka Pratama expressing his desire to share the Pegasus Class Assault Landing Carrier/SCV-70 White Base, the carrier ship of RX78-2 Gundam.

I am sincerely thankful for this contribution, and I’m confident that our readers will thoroughly enjoy this model. Thanks once again, Jaka Pratama!


The White Base, a pivotal spacecraft in the Gundam universe, serves as the carrier ship for the iconic RX78-2 Gundam. Sporting advanced technology, it features anti-beam coating and a formidable range of weaponry, including powerful mega particle cannons.

With a length of 280 meters, it serves as a mobile command center and a launch platform for the Gundam during pivotal space battles. Its strategic significance and cutting-edge capabilities make the White Base a crucial element in the ongoing conflict of the Universal Century timeline.

As per Jaka Pratama, this model is considered an SD version. However, during his assembly attempt, he noted that it turned out to be larger than the typical SD scale.

Supposed to be made by a Korean pepakura designer but he couldn’t remember who.

While going through the templates and instructions, there wasn’t any notable information from the designer. If any of our viewers are aware of the creator of this model, please do let me know.

In terms of instructions, it appears to be on the easier side, or at least falls within the medium difficulty range. Feel free to download it and assess it for yourself. Enjoy the crafting process!

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