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This V12 Engine Papercraft model is a highly sought paid model. This papercraft model boasts semi-realistic exterior and interior details, featuring movable components like a compound crankshaft, rapid cooling fan, and 12 rods and pistons. Assembling the model also involves intricate work with electrical wires, switches, a motor, and a battery (or battery holder).


The V12 engine is a high-performance powerhouse commonly found in luxury cars. Picture it like this: twelve cylinders arranged in a V-shape, providing a smooth and balanced ride. This design makes it perfect for sports cars and fancy rides, delivering that extra oomph.

You’ve probably heard of V12 engines in sleek models like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Beyond cars, they’re used in airplanes, boats, and industrial machinery. Basically, if you’re aiming for a ride that’s both powerful and smooth, the V12 is where it’s at.

I’ve had this papercraft on my PC for a while and have been considering sharing it with viewers. I’m willing to share it, but only for a limited time.

This is a high-quality paid papercraft model of a V12 engine created by Yee. Although it’s no longer accessible on his website for unknown reasons, it can still be found in the depths of the dark web.

There are a few items listed in the instruction guide and I will list it here.

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Is it necessary to buy all these items? Not at all. For instance, a cutting mat is optional if you have a sturdy table you don’t mind scratching. A toothpick can be substituted with a similar sharp and thin item. However, the rest of the items are relatively important for the assembly process.

I’m giving out this model for FREE.

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