So I made Anya on Blender

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Previously I posted on MYP facebook page that I made Anya from Spy X Family. It was nowhere near perfect but I actually manage to make one!

It’s been a while since I made 3d models . Usually I ripped a game model via 3DS Max but it was too overwhelmed for me to actually finish any projects. In other words I suck at it.

Last night I watch a video of how some 40 years old artist who had never touch blender manage to make a character build perfectly in 30 days.

If he can do it, I could probably do too. So I thought, let’s try and build something.

So here’s the results after 7 hours of blendering. Nothing perfect, but something I could polish up maybe? I asked if anybody would love to try and build her paper craft but nobody seems interested 😀 probably because she’s fugly lol 😡

It’s still a long way for me to be anything like S.V designer.