Star Wars Millennium Falcon Paper craft

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Millennium Falcon is the space ship from Star Wars movie franchise.

The?Millennium Falcon?is a fictional?starship?in the?Star Wars?franchise. Designed by?Joe Johnston?for the movie?Star Wars?(1977),[a]?she has subsequently appeared in?The Star Wars Holiday Special?(1978),?The Empire Strikes Back?(1980),?Return of the Jedi?(1983),?Revenge of the Sith?(2005),[1]The Force Awakens?(2015),?The Last Jedi?(2017),?Solo: A Star Wars Story?(2018), and?The Rise of Skywalker?(2019). Additionally, the?Falcon?appears in a variety of?Star Wars?expanded universe?materials, including books, comics, and games

Buying this model from Bandai is quite expensive. Even the smaller one is still expensive so why not we build it using paper craft?

Model requires 8 sheets of paper to build.

However… I couldn’t find an instruction to go with the templates. Perhaps you guys could just do your magic with templates only?

Take a look and see…

Papercraft Templates