SD MS-06 ZAKU II Gundam paper craft

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Difficulty :

Another SD Gundam paper craft model by MIW and this time its MS-06 Zaku II, my favorite Gundam.

I could post all the wiki information here but if you like zaku you’d probably already know all that stuff.

Suppose I could mention that Zaku II is from Universal Century timeline and appears in Mobile Suit Gundam anime.

Now as for the model , it isn’t like previous MIW paper crafts. Every Zaku II body parts comes in each own .PDO files.

Which I think should make it easy for you to build.

ps* Last night I watch Shin Godzilla. The movie was okay except for the Godzilla itself . With all the Japanese animation power they had they made such hideous Godzilla in a plastic suit.

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