Solid Snake Eye Patch Papercraft

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In MGS4 snake replaced his eye patch with the eye system that Otacon made from him. It’s called Solid Eye.

The Solid Eye combines ENVG (Enhanced Night Vision Goggles) light amplification and imaging technology, and also allows for binocular functionality (though not simultaneously) In addition, the NV capability can also reveal things that normally wouldn’t be seen, such as footprints, thus allowing Snake an easier time predicting enemy route patterns and reacting accordingly.

When heavy artillery such as tanks enter the field of view it displays their specifications and armaments. It also takes in body temperature, heart rate and sweat secretion to calculate a soldier’s physical and emotional state. Its camera vision utilizes the fish-eye perception. Snake’s model also acted as a corrective lens for far-sightedness.

Metal Gear Solid 4 video game is released on 2008 for PS3 console and this papercraft model requires only 1 sheet of paper to build. It’s scaled at 1:1 which mean it is suitable for cosplay.

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