iMac G4 All in one desktop Papercraft

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Difficulty :

Do you want an Apple this holiday? Maybe you should get an iMac computer.. iMac G4 is an all in one desktop computer by Apple. The G4 is sold with a LCD screen and an egg shape desktop.

It was widely sold during 2002-2004 and stop producing once iMac G5 was made widely available.

Our papercraft model here was made the same including a swivel lcd screen and an apple keyboard.

As for the scale of this model.. I’ve seen people made it as big as a real computer with 17″ screen but templates that I had here has the parts cramped into one page, which means the size of it should be around 7-10cm tall only.

Well let me know once you made it. Model is made by iOrigami

Papercraft Templates

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