Steam Autumn Sale 2019

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It’s Black Friday and STEAM sale is currently ongoing from Nov 26 to Dec 3rd.

If you still don’t know what STEAM is, they are a digital PC game shop which also sells software like rpg maker, face rig and more.

I just wanna share with you guys that I just bought Tropico 6 . It’s currently at 30% less for $48.96 . Not exactly the cheapest but still a deal for a game that just came out recently. It’s a well frickin good game too.

Actually I got it at 46% off, by buying from someone who wants to let go of their STEAM funds .

The way they do it is they give you around 10-20% discount on top of the current price of the game you wanted, you pay them and they’ll gift the game to you.

Try Google around and find trusted seller that will let go of their funds for a discount on games you wanted.

Hope you enjoy this Autumn sale and I’ll see you with new paper crafts this December!