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This is a architectural model of a parliament house , The Palace of Westminster.


The Palace of Westminster, located in London, UK, is a historic and iconic building that houses the British Parliament. It showcases stunning Gothic architecture, including the famous Big Ben clock tower. The palace is the seat of political power in the UK and comprises the House of Commons and the House of Lords. It holds significant historical and cultural importance, as it has witnessed key events in British history. The interiors feature grand halls, ornate decorations, and intricate details. The Palace of Westminster stands as a symbol of democracy and governance, attracting visitors from around the world.

This scale model is 1 : 1800 with 9 x 13 cm dimension. Since it is too small I didn’t consider it as a diorama. This is more of an architectural model people would usual display on their table/desktop and maybe place them inside a glass display.

Featured picture above is made by Bouwer.

About 12 pieces of papers is required to print this template. On the difficulty in building it, I’d say it’s pretty much on the easy side.

Every parts is numbered on which to flap and written with guide on where to glue and combine. However the instruction guide might be a bit confusing to some.

Happy building!

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