Yamaha SR400 Paper Model

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Difficulty :

This motorcycle is very popular in Thailand . It’s the famous Yamaha SR400 Paper Model

According to Yamaha, this timeless retro bike oozes charm and authenticity wherever you look. And as the basis for creating your own caf? racer, bobber or street scrambler, the SR400 offers endless possibilities.

At my neck of woods this bike is quite popular, I guess it does deserved to be called a classic retro and known as legendary bike. Yamaha SR400 model templates comes in two version ie: color and non color.

The one I’m giving here is the colored version.

Models comes with seventeen A4-sized sheets with 223 parts in all. These Paper Craft parts are easier to work with when printed out on strong, thick paper like postcard stock.

The size of this bike model is suitable to be ridden by any Figma or Figurines you have 😛

Papercraft Templates

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