Yoshino by Suzuran

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Hey guys I received a showcase submission by Suzuran from Indonesia.. He or She sent it to my mail and got piled into a lot of spam mails.. Since I rarely check my mail, I almost missed this special mail of yours..

Anyway below is what written in the mail Suzuran sent ;

hi! i want to share my finished yoshino papercraft. it’s a truly beautiful

piece, i’m so mesmerized by the details, thank you so so so much for
sharing this template, i really appreciate it.

by the way my nickname is suzuran and i’m from indonesia.

i’m using a 100 gr paper for this model. too thin for my taste but it’s the
thickest paper i could find in my room..

this model took me about 4-5 days to be assembled and although i thought
this model are pretty easy to make, i found the frills on the dress are
rather hard to make and it took a lot of time and patience to make it
shaped wavy and natural ( i didn’t quite nailed the natural part tho)

the hands instruction is quite confusing but in the end i finally
understand how to make it, after failing twice.

the head is surprisingly huge but that’s what makes this paper model soooo
darn cute. i messed up the hair part but thankfully it’s covered by the hat.

this photo haven’t really captured the details of the papercraft but the
details are awesome i really love it!

my backs hurt from making this but it totally worth it, thank you very much
for sharing this!!

also i’m sorry if the writings are unclear, the lighting in my room is
really poor

I am absolutely happy that you mailed me.. Your words and the small written letters on that card makes me a happy guy 😛 I am really sorry that it takes this long for me to respond to your mail Suzuran.. I’ll try to make it up with something good later 😀 Thanks for the share and Happy New Year !

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