Eren Jaeger by Yolane Labrosse

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Today we have a submission by Paper Anime aka Yolande Labrosse from France ? Right?

Hey!! It took me a week to build it, use 205gpm? paper, was pretty hard to do the 3D maneuver gear. My tips would be, when you make the 3D maneuver gear, when you wanna glue the brown parts with the white one, use a needle to fix both and glue them together after…

Nicely built and Eren looks cute there blending with background 😛 A little bit of tips given by our paper modelers Matius, use magic pen to blend in those white edges. For example if the hair is black, use black magic pen to blend it in.

Next you should try building Titans so that Eren would lose his smile lol..

Thanks Yolande Labrosse for sharing your finished scale model with us. If anyone else would like to do the same you may send me your scale models picture taken with a paper which has your nick and written on it and send it to me by FB page or by e-mail admin [a] mypapercraft . net

Eren has two face plate and two version of templates which you may download it here and here