Custom EG-001 Gundam Papercraft

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This is a custom gundam scale model by Ette, a korean paper model designer that creates only quality Gundam paper models.

EG-001 looks like a combination of Extreme Gundam Leos and EX-S Gundam. From the color scheme, it follows Extreme Gundam (Type-Leos) while the body is similar to EX-S, albeit a bit slimmer.

I am not the first one uploading this on internet as this is not a new model. It seems that this model by Ette have been uploaded everywhere since 2 years ago..

Model requires about 49 sheets of paper , comes in PDF templates and PDO instruction. Preview version we had here is in red color.. There’s also an orange version of EG-001 preview included by Ette in the package, motioning that you guys may customize it as you like.

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