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Koe no Katachi is the manga by Ooima Yoshitoki that I am currently reading. It’s a story about how Ishida Shouya bullies Nishimiya Shouka because she is born with impaired hearing.

Everyone in Elementary school class despise Nishimiya just because she couldn’t hear and slow them down in studying. Ishida, feeling bored and being naughty take things to the next level and make fun of Nishimiya, taking her hearing implant and throw it outside 2nd floor building or into the pond. Ishida wasn’t the only one having fun though, the whole class joined the fun. If someone tries to be nice and help Nishimiya, the whole class then would bully that person too.

Despite that Nishimiya did not get angry or fought back, she felt that she was at fault for everything that happened and keep writing “Sorry” in her friendship notebook that she uses to communicate with her friends. No it’s not the kind of sorry you guys hear from Super Junior.

Nishimiya’s mom finally reported the bullying case to school headmaster, and when the headmaster ask Nishimiya’s class who is the one that has been harming and bullying Nishima, they all pointed to Ishida and put the blame on Ishida. After the incident, Ishida is the one being bullied. No one would talk to him, including Ueno and everyone treated him like a garbage, just like how he did to Nishima, probably worst and this continue till he’s in middle school. Nishimiya move out from the school after the incident.

Long after in high school, Ishida decided that he wants to apologize and kill himself after asking for apology from Nishimiya. When he found her, to his surprise Nishimiya forgives him and so Ishida decided that he had to make it up to her and give her back her happiness that he took from her in elementary school.

Ok that’s the summary intro. In the recent chapter Ueno, Ishida’s friend in elementary school decided to confess to him but she mistakenly given her confession note to Nagatsuka, Ishida’s friend. When she met him again, she found out that Ishida has given something she gave him to Nishimiya. In Ishida’s defense, he didn’t knew it was Ueno that gives the pouch to him. He thought it was really a special offer from the shop.

Ueno then run towards Nishimiya with Ishida following behind and took off Nishimiya’s hearing implant and ask Ishida to bully and make fun of Nishimiya like he used to. Ishida took the implant from her and gave it back to Nishimiya and this is the part where you see Ueno laughing and crying at the same time in picture above, she laugh till her tears drop and in the next page, you see her crying…

Well I got lazy and decided to skip on coloring this page haha

I hear a lot of cries in mangafox wailing her b*tch and checking Ueno in their hate list, I think most of them misunderstood why Ueno did what she did.

Ueno, is not a bad person which we can see when she talk to Nagatsuka and Ishida inside Cat Cafe, back then she didn’t even realize that was Ishida and his friend. If she really hated someone like Nagatsuka, she won’t even go near and converse nicely. People seems to forget that Ueno is a Yandere type, the reason why she is so mad at Nagatsuka is because he misunderstood the letter and thought Ueno likes him.

What better way to make Nagatsuka stop talking than to intimidate him into cowering ? Yandere.

As to why she did the unspeakable thing, first and foremost Ueno was jealous and thought Ishida and Nishimiya is in a relationship. She thought “Oh crap was I too late?” She couldn’t believe that Ishida, the Ishida she knew would even talk to Nishimiya.

In order to check if Ishida really is in love with Nishimiya, she acted the way they used to around Nishimiya and when she realize Ishida does has a thing for Nishimiya, she laugh out loud pretending as a bad person ( crying actually, it’s a fake laugh just to cover her crying ). This is obvious in the picture above. If you’re really laughing to tears, you don’t look sad. Hat’s off to mangaka, she put small details into every art. You won’t notice this things unless you’re really into reading people mimic and reactions.

If she really meant what she did, she won’t apologize to Nishimiya and return those implant nicely back. Ueno was devastated.. She lost to Nishimiya. If only she didn’t act so Yandere towards Ishida, things wouldn’t be like this. Which explains why later Ishida found Ueno crying on the road side. When asked if she was crying, she deny it but later you see her murmuring “then I have wasted my tears” after she got the answer from Ishida that he is not in a relationship with Nishimiya.

Of course all these theories of mine might not be true and will be debunk if the next,next chapter sees Ueno really is a b*tch, tho that would be cliche and Koe No Katachi mangaka has proven that her manga has deeper storyline than that.

In case you’re wondering why did I wrote this 900 words article… I’m trying to run from reality and denying facts that I need to re-work every article LOL. Sigh.. when you have no time to spare you’d ended up doing unrelated things. So many distraction… I’m sure there are many grammatical errors in here, spare me the hate letter please