FF7 : Advent Children Cloud Strife’s Fusion Sword Papercraft

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I’ve got to share this awesome free cardboard papercraft by Crafty Transformer with you guys . It’s the famous Cloud Strife’s Fusion Sword . It’s totally wear-able and of course suitable for cosplay.

Cloud Strife’s Fusion Sword is a legendary weapon in the Final Fantasy franchise. This massive blade is the signature weapon of Cloud, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII.

The Fusion Sword is a symbol of Cloud’s power and determination. He wields it to defeat his enemies and save the world from destruction.

The sword is unique in its design, featuring a fusion of multiple smaller swords that can be combined to form a larger, more powerful weapon. The Fusion Sword is also capable of releasing powerful energy attacks, making it a formidable weapon in combat.

Now onto making the model, it is made to print onto papercraft but the templates is printable on paper or build with paper if you wanted to.

Templates are divided into A4 size, just print it on paper and paste it onto cardboards. And then cut away~

If you need more guides on assembling, please watch youtube video above.