Myne (paid) Paper craft

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So I’ve been following this manga called Honzuki No Gekokujou ( Ascendance of a Bookworm) and I really love the story so far.

It also has a manga currently in S2 but I didn’t watch it yet because so far I think the manga is more in depth? But I probably watch it later just to hear of Myne’s voice .

Anyway if you don’t know who Myne is, she’s the main character and an isekai character in world where books is limited to nobles only.

The reason being that books are expensive and lower caste people don’t know how to read except for maybe merchants and officers.

Since Myne has her memories for her past life, she quickly learned of the world cultures and tries her best to make money and make a book herself.

Now sadly, this paper craft is a paid ones so you have to buy if you want to make it. The price is in Euro and you may contact the seller below.