Vigor by Mateusz and birthday boy

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Hey guys today is my birthday and here is a new finished papercraft model by Mateusz. He shared it with me few days ago but I kept forgetting to post it. Since it’s my birthday today I’ll just make it into one post 😛

This vigour bottle papercraft is from Bioshock Infinite’s game. They (vigor bottles) grant the user access to extraordinary abilities, and are powered by a single resource: Salts. As with Plasmids, Vigors do cause notable side effects, visible on the user’s arm. Every Vigor has an alternate use activated by charging the Vigor, ranging from enhanced attacks to stationary traps.

This is a pretty neat work from Mateusz the bottle looks glossy to my eyes and it’s perfectly shaped. I been looking at it again and again, it does look glossy to me. I wonder if you’re using a glossy paper for this one Mateusz ? As usual you guys could check more of Mateusz work on his website

As for me, my mom bought me a cake and I gifted myself ps3’s heavy rain and logitech driving force gt. No this is not a bragging post, no one is giving me any gift in fact I gifted myself gifts every year, my own pocket money.

Fortunately I don’t think of it as a sad thing, beside only you know what’s best for yourself aite? Of course it would be wonderful to have someone who knows you well and gift you stuff lol. What saddest me most is that my mom thought I was a year older and she even ask that cake lady to write the wrong numbers on my cake 🙁

With my birthday here it means is going to be 2 years old next month Yippie! Will we be having a special papercraft templates? Who knows 😛